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Syria is witnessing comprehensive developments and great needs in the construction, reconstruction and housing sector, which has called for many companies to take the decision to enter various investments in the fields of urban real estate, rebuilding, and in the industrial field.
The importance of the Infrastructure Building and Cladding "BuildUP" is that it is an indispensable platform for those interested in rebuilding Syria to connect with each other, to develop their businesses, to discover new trends in the Syrian economy, and to provide all the workers in this sector with the most innovative solutions and equipment in this field. This exhibition highlights the latest developments related to new products and technology introduced recently in the international markets, in order to acquaint interested engineers, contractors, and developers of real estate projects to these developments. The exhibition will allow visitors to learn about the latest high-quality products, which provide different needs and meet all requirements of the construction of cities, vital installations, suburban residential areas, and road networks, bridges and tunnels.

The economic impact of building a modern infrastructure:

Infrastructure has significantly affected the economy of countries. It has contributed to the support of all economic sectors by providing them with many operations and operational projects that contribute to supporting individual and industrial production, and have increased employment opportunities for individuals.
It also helped reduce public funds spending, especially after it was able to establish roads that helped transport traffic in a correct manner, at high speed, and worked on the establishment of railways, which link many cities, and reduced transport expenses, and encouraged the increase of investment projects in the advancement of society.

"Reconstruction requires the construction of 12.5 thousand towers and 50 thousand story buildings serving 7.5 million people at a cost of 100 billion dollars"

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Why Infrastructure Building and Cladding Exhibition BuildUP:

The exhibition offers developers and entrepreneurs a platform to develop their projects and provides them with an opportunity to secure all their business requirements and achievements. It also aims to give companies the opportunity to showcase their products, equipment, technologies, and services to their target customers, including decision makers and senior corporate officials in the field of construction and construction needed for the “Buildup” of Syria.
In view of the importance of this exhibition and its role in supporting the reconstruction movement, the participation of all the companies, institutions, and bodies involved in this event is essential, especially as we aspire to optimize the organization of an integrated exhibition and benefit from all the workers in this sector.

Impact of the war on the construction, construction and industry sectors:

The economic sectors in Syria were significantly affected during the war, and the World Bank estimated the amount of destruction to be about 226 billion dollars (USD), while recent studies prepared in Syria confirmed that the impact of the economic sectors is estimated at about 1170 billion.

The affected of the economic sectors in figures:

The Residential And Urban Sector
200 Billion Dollars
Destruction Of Housing And Infrastructure
The Industrial Sector
210 Billion Dollars
Syria lost 67% of its industrial capacity
The Energy And Services Sector
29 Billion Dollars
The energy and transport sectors include roads, bridges, power stations, water and sanitation, and public services
The Electricity Sector
28 Billion Dollars
Electricity sector losses
The Administrative Sector
10 Billion Dollars
The Social Sector
7 Billion Dollars
The Health Sector
37 Billion Dollars
The Education Sector
21 Billion Dollars
The Environmental Sector
17 Billion Dollars
The livelihood of Citizens
30 Billion Dollars
The Oil Sector
27 Billion Dollars
The Banking Sector
9 Billion Dollars

The cost of reconstruction in figures:

300 Billion Dollars
The cost of the residential and urban sector reconstruction
210 Billion Dollars
The value of what Syria needs to restore the wheel of industrial production
15 Billion Dollars
The cost of reconstruction and rehabilitation of the energy sector services to return to where they were
2.2 Billion Dollars
The value of damage to the Syrian economy as a result of power cuts


  • 25-29 June - 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
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